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A personal note from Mark Newbold,
Pastor of Triangle Bible Church

Grace Fellowship Chapel of Evansville, Indiana, and their pastor, Denny Walters, has played a significant and important roll in my own life.  For it was through the ministry of Pastor Denny Walters that I came to understand God’s word “rightly divided.”  Denny was, indeed, a “helper of my joy” in understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of the apostle Paul, and the “mystery” program for us, the members of the church, the body of Christ.  Denny’s ministry made a deep and eternal impact upon me and my own ministry, so much so that words just simply cannot express the gratitude I owe to him.

Sadly for us, Denny Walters passed away to ever be “present with the Lord” in November of 2003. 

Through determination and courage, Grace Fellowship Chapel has stayed together as a functioning local assembly.  Moreover, they have recently discovered the unique sonship edification doctrine that we are currently engaged in here at Triangle Bible Church.  They have collectively determined that in the interim of having their own pastor, and by means ofthe


technology the internet provides, that they are an extended family, if you will, of Triangle Bible Church.  They continue to meet four times a week to listen in via the internet to the Bible classes taught here at Triangle Bible Church.

Until such a time that they find face-to-face teaching of sound Bible doctrine, we enthusiastically join hands with Grace Fellowship Chapel as a welcomed extension of our own ministry and our own church family. 

I would like to personally encourage anyone in the Evansville area who would like to join with like-minded believers in the faith, and with those who are seriously dedicated to their own “adoption of sons” and godly edification as sons to drop by and visit with these unique folks.  I know you will be glad you did.

To our other internet listeners, please pray for this church and its ministry, and if you can, please drop them a line of encouragement and mutual edification!


Grace Fellowship Chapel is located at the following address:

216 East Wedeking Ave.
Evansville, IN  47711



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