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Thank You for visiting Triangle Bible Church on the web. This is an in-depth, on-line resource concerning the doctrines of Sonship Edification, taught from the position of Right Division.
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Bible class has been canceled for Wednesday, July 17. Bible class will resume it's regular schedule on sunday, July 21.


TBC is pleased to recognize
Grace Fellowship Chapel in
Evansville, Indiana as its sister
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At the heart of all of the Bible doctrine taught at TBC is the sonship curriculum as given in God's word. The primary focus of all of our studies is to further educate saints in this curriculum in order to walk worthy as the "sons of God" that we are "in Christ." Learn more




We believe that the Bible sets forth the fact that God is working out a two-fold plan & purpose. One aspect of His plan & purpose centers around the
nation of Israel. The other centers
around the “new creature,” the
“one new man,” the church the
body of Christ, which God is now forming in this present dispensation of Gentile grace.

To “rightly divide the word of truth” means to properly handle the Bible by recognizing & making the division in it that needs to be made because of God’s different programs. TBC has created an interactive timeline chart to help introduce right division of God's word.

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"Satan and His Plan of Evil."
"I Will Be Like The Most High..."
With these words, the most exalted creature in God's heavenly creation" Lucifer, the anointed cherub" launched his career as Satan, the adversary to God. To be "like the most High" is the object of Satan's desire, and he formulated a plan of evil designed to achieve that goal.
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"Properly Handling The Word of Truth" is the title of EBM's new publication, which is now available. Sub-titled "12 Basic Lessons to Ensure You Handle The Bible as God Intends," this publication begins with a simple appeal to the reader to honestly consider whether or not he is properly handling God’s word as he studies it and as he applies it to his life.
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"Sonship Stablishment - An Overview of The Pauline Curriculum" by David Winston Busch - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

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